Three interesting telephone calls today

By Andres Trevino

September 30, 2004 Andy's Update No comments

1) Boston Public Health Commission: A lady from the Boston Public Health Commission called regarding the cryptosporidium positive culture. She explained to me that by law hospitals in Massachusetts have to report positive cryptosporidium cases and it’s her job to investigate about those cases to prevent other infections. She asked all kinds of questions, I would say she asked more than 50 questions. Se wanted to know where Andy ate in the last 7 days prior to hospitalization, where he went, our family history and others… I told her a brief explanation about Andy’s health. I explained to her that Infectious Disease doctors at Children’s don’t think he has a positive infection of cryptosporidium, just a positive culture…
2) Viacord: A telemarketer from Viacord called today telling me that Viacord is pleased to announce new scientific findings regarding umbilical cord stem cells. That between other things Viacord found that umbilical cord stem cells “can grow into heart cells”. She moved on to ask me if I knew anyone who was pregnant, offering a referral prize of $100. When she stopped talking I told her that we’re just about to use the cells that Viacord stored for us. She had no script to go on. She just said “Oh, OK goodbye”. You can find my blogs about Viacord here.
3) The office of the Mexican President. A man called today and Paulina answered, he was looking for me from the Office of the Mexican President. The number that rang was my Vonage number (maybe they dialed the Mexico City local number), on Andy’s hospital room. At the time of the call I was taking care of Sofia in the apartment. The man asked Paulina for a postal address where Vicente Fox, President of Mexico could send a response to my email.

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