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Some of my heroes



I never would have made it without Sofia, of course! Her stem cells saved my life, and seeing my little sister helped to keep me going. She’s pretty awesome – even if she is a pain in the neck sometimes!

Nurse Ruth


Really, I had more amazing nurses that I can possibly name. They all kept my spirits up and made me feel at home. Some of them were so funny! They could always make me laugh and make me feel better, whatever might be happening.


Mama y Papa

What can I say? I wouldn’t be here without my amazing parents, Andres and Paulina Treviño. In more ways than one! They stuck with me and refused to give in, through years of terrible times and little hope.

Today, my Papa helps other kids like me, by helping to raise money for Children’s Hospital.

Dr. Kretschmer

Dr. Kretschmer

Dr. Roberto Kretschmer was my main doctor back in Mexico. He was the best. When I was a baby, he helped save my life too many times to count! He also worked very hard to find out what was wrong with my immune system. Unfortunately, he just didn’t have the tools to solve the mystery in Mexico. In the end, he told us we should go to the U.S. to find the answer. He said the best place was the hospital where he had done his training: Children’s Hospital Boston.

Sofia & Dr. Orange

Dr. Orange

I saw a lot of doctors while I was at Children’s, and they were all awesome. But one who really stood out was Dr. Jordan Orange. He was the first to figure out what was wrong with my immune system. He also did a lot to help me and my family in our battle. He was both a fantastic doctor and a great friend.


Dr. Pai

Another doctor who made a big difference for me was Dr. Sung-Yun Pai. She was in charge of my stem cell transplant, and she was a huge help in figuring out what to do, and when. I was not very happy in this picture :-)


Dr. Nurko

Here I am with two superheroes. One more great doctor who helped me a lot was Dr. Samuel Nurko. He was the first doctor I saw at Children’s Hospital, and he took care of my stomach problems, which were pretty bad.

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