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Stem cell research: a father’s story by Andres Trevino
Thriving Boston Children’s Hospital’s pediatric health blog

Stem cell research: a father’s story in his own words by Andres Trevino
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Sprit of Giving – Sister Savior (pdf) by Kate Kruschwitz
Spirit of Giving

All for one by Matthew Cyr
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How Andy Treviño’s life was saved by his sister! by Evelyn Reyes
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Daughter’s Birth Helps Save Life of Sudbury Family’s Son by Robert Fucci
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Tener un bebe para salvar a otro por Norma Mora

Embryonic Stem Cell Controversy by Betty Rollin
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Andy’s Story – The Lifesaving Potential of Sibling Cord Blood

Padres luchan por salvar a su hijo (video) por Nayeli Chavez
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We Found Nemo
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Andy Trevino Story
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Andy & Sofia: A Lesson in Health, Life and Hope (pdf page 8) by J. Doug Gill
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Little Lifesaver reported by Juli Auclair, producer Christina Mattingly
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Boston establishes orphan disease center by Ally Donnelly
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Medical Journal Publications about Andy

Finding Nemo: genetic disorders of NF-kB activation (PDF) by Jordan S. Orange and Raif S. Geha

Deficient natural killer cell cytotoxicity in patients with IKK-y/NEMO mutations (PDF) by Jordan S. Orange et al.

The Presentation and Natural History of Immunodeficiency due to NFkB Essential Modulator Mutation (PDF) by Jordan S. Orange et al.

Allogenic transplantation successfully corrects immune defects, but not susceptibility to colitis, in a patient with nuclear factor-kappaB essential modulatordeficiency. by Pai SY et al.

Derivation of human embryonic stem cells with NEMO deficiency, Guan, X., et al., Stem Cell Res. (2012), doi:10.1016/j.scr.2011.12.007