PURELL Retractable Clip Hand Sanitizer Kit

Finding the source of virus in bacteria while taking care of someone with a primary immune deficiency becomes a common task. We use a lot of Purell. Buy some at Amazon and a portion of your purchase will benefit Andy here..

How it works:

Hands Untreated…………. hands_untreated.bmp
Hands with Soap……………. hands_soap.bmp
Hands with Purell……………. hands_purell.bmp

PURELL combines 62% ethyl alcohol with a special blend of moisturizers to kill the germs on your hands and leave them feeling soft and refreshed.
The alcohol breaks down the germs’ cell walls causing them to die and fall off your skin, similar to the way dead skin cells are constantly falling off the external skin layer. A light layer of moisturizers remain to condition the hands. PURELL does eliminate some of your good germs while it gets rid of the bad germs. The same is true when washing with soap and water. However, in both cases, your body quickly regenerates the good germs. So rest assured, there is no harm from using either regular soap or PURELL.
It is as safe on the hands as regular soap & water. Numerous studies, scientific facts, and years of experience support this. Over the last 15 years, millions of healthcare and food service workers have safely used alcohol hand sanitizers 10 -20 times per day. PURELL kills 99.99% of germs that may cause illness. It is perfect to carry with you everywhere you go so that you are always within easy reach of good hand hygiene.


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