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Early genetic testing allays fears, ignites ethics debate by By Rita Rubin, USA TODAY.
In an article published yesterday on USA TODAY Rita Rubin said,
“To critics, though ….. the quest for a stem cell donor may be only the first step toward tissue donor mills and designer babies whose IQ and eye color are predetermined”
I would like to meet one of those critics. First of all I would tell them to remember the worst infection they’ve had, maybe diarrhea or maybe even a respiratory viral infection. How did that feel? Did it involve discomfort and pain?
Now imagine that your body is unable to create an adequate defense against that virus, bacteria or fungus attacking your body… Imagine having to be in the hospital for more than 504 days due to life threatening infections and not even the strongest antibiotics helping to cure the infection.
That’s the reason why my 5 year old son Andy has been in the hospital for more than 504 days. He has a genetic condition that causes his immune system to fail.
Andy needs to boost his immune system to live. We’ve tried all sorts of medications to do that but they only go so far.. We’re constantly seeking more treatments and research on his condition. Another option is to substitute his immune system, but for that we need a donor. And if we don’t use a suitable donor transplantation may be a higher risk than doing nothing.
Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis helped us find a 100% compatible sister. My daughter Sofia without knowing donated blood from her umbilical cord to cure Andy.
What would be wrong is not to take the PGD option knowing that this will help a child who has been through so much.
And I would also tell those critics that it’s not as easy as it sounds. The in vitro fertilization and pre implantation genetic diagnosis procedures are not easy. I can’t imagine someone willing to go through all the stress and procedures involved just to find blue eyes.
Find Rita Rubin’s article here:
Early genetic testing allays fears, ignites ethics debate by Rita Rubin, USA TODAY.

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