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Parents with sick kids turning to siblings’ stem cells, By Rita Rubin, USA TODAY
In an article published yesterday on USA TODAY Rita Rubin said,
“Some ethicists have expressed concern about using technology to create children who would be tissue donors for siblings. They cite a lack of information about the impact on the children involved.”
The ethicists must have had a difficult chilhood..
What a great way to start life! Even before these children are born they bring the gift of life. Talk about a curriculum vitae!
They bring cells that cure their brothers or sisters, they give them a chance to live long enough to play and maybe even tell them thank you (not required). Without those cells they would not live long enough to meet them…
Then she says,
“But Susan Wolf, a law and medicine professor at the University of Minnesota, asks how doctors can know couples’ true motives. Wolf and others have called for safeguards to protect children born after PGD tissue-typing until they are old enough to decide whether they want to donate more tissue to their sibling if needed.”
WOW! What are Susan’s motives, I would ask?
I guess Susan Wolf thinks that having a baby is an easy task…. And if she has children I guess she waited until they were 21 to give them vaccines.. Or she waited until her children were 21 to throw away their umbilical cord… Guess what? Susan Wolf’s parents threw away her umbilical cord and they didnt ask her!! How irresponsible…
Find Rita Rubin’s article here:
Parents with sick kids turning to siblings’ stem cells, by Rita Rubin, USA TODAY

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