PGD Article @ The Daily Telegraph Australia

Testing new hope for IVF success By ZOE TAYLOR Medical Reporter, June 7, 2004
In this article Zoe Taylor describes PGD as a “world-first trial”. I guess that the clinic (Sydney IVF) didnt explain to the reporter that there are more than 1,000 babies born using PGD.
“Several hundred women under the age of 37 will take part in the clinic’s year-long trial. Half of the women will have their embryos screened using PGD. The rates of pregnancy, miscarriage and live births will then be compared with women not offered the extra screening. For the duration of the trial, there will no extra cost for the PGD screening. If successful, PGD screening could become standard for all IVF cycles.
“We are very excited,” Dr Bowman said. “We are hoping that, by better embryo selection, our success rate will improve.”

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