Pediatric E028 Formula

Andy likes his Pediatric EO28 formula.
Pediatric EO28 is an elemental medical food formulated to provide complete or supplemental nutritional support for children with severe impairment of the gastrointestinal tract. Pediatric EO28 contains synthetic amino acids making it suitable for patients who require a predigested diet. Pediatric EO28 contains no whole protein or peptides making it ideal for the dietary management of protein hypersensitivity and allergy.
I guess how many of this juice boxes Andy has taken since he started around 3 years ago. He was drinking 4 juice boxes a day and he started taking this type of formula around 1642 days ago. That’s 6568 juice boxes. Each juice box contains 237 ml, thats 1,556,616 liters of Pediatric EO28.
Product information in PDF format here.

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