Vein Contrast Enhancer

There’s no substitute for George R. from the CAT/CR, he has vast experince in finding veins, he makes Andy happy, makes his IVIG infusions as “easy as pie”.
But this vein finding machine I found may help all the others..
Vein Contast Enhancer:
Uses a near-infrared camera to capture a real-time video image of the patient’s veins, a PC to enhance the contrast of the image and a desktop video projector to display it on the skin in real time. An array of near-infrared LEDs surrounding the camera’s lens illuminates the skin at a wavelength of 740 nanometres. This wavelength is strongly absorbed by blood, but is scattered by the surrounding tissue. The image from the camera is fed to a PC running imaging software that maps the image onto a bright green background in real time and boosts the contrast between the veins and surrounding tissue. The PC then feeds this image to a projector that beams it onto the skin.

More via here.

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