The Kids at Heart Marathon Program Children’s Hospital Boston

Preparations are underway for the 109th Boston Marathon® on April 18, 2005, and Andy again will participate with the team of Kids at Heart at Children’s Hospital Boston.
Last year Elyse Topp-Poirier ran the Boston Marathon to support Children’s Hospital Boston and we were teamed up with Elyse to raise funds. You can find the Elyse 4 Andy website here.
And Brian Serroul also ran the marathon to support Childrens Hospital Boston and we teamed up with Brian to raise funds for Children’s Hospital Boston. You can find the Brian for Andy website here.
We heard rumors that Elyse (or “Feliz” as Andy likes to call her) will run the marathon again!!
If you would like to team up with Andy this year send an email to
We offer you a website, personalized shoes and fundraising letters.

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