The CEO letter campaign

I’ve received 34 responses out of 100 letters sent to the first Fortune 500 corporations in the United States.
The idea came out when we started the fundraising efforts for the Kids at Heart Marathon Team from Children’s Hospital Trust. We teamed up with Elyse and Brian who dedicated their marathon race to Andy and also raised funds for the hospital.
Elyse website
Brian website
I decided to create this letter to the Fortune 500 CEO’s and I asked Dr. Samuel Nurko, Dr. Raif Geha and Carole Ferguson-Page to do one also.
I printed and prepared the envelopes that went out around February, 2004.
I’m amazed that 33 responded! Some of the responses are very inspiring. Some even called me on the phone like CVS Pharmacy who told me that they are already helping Children’s Hospital with more than 250,000 dollars.
I found that the majority of the CEO’s after receiving the letter forward it to their corporations foundations. There, the director examines the letter and sends a response. Some of them are standard responses, but there are others that really make a difference. We appreciate their attention.
Next time I will send letters to celebrities.
Copies of the letters, emails and even voice mails (except CVS Pharmacy which was a telephone conversation) are here.

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