Discovery UV & Ozone Toothbrush Purifier

Finding the source of virus in bacteria while taking care of someone with a primary immune deficiency becomes a common task.
This is a great product from Discovery Channel Store. I’ve been trying to join their affiliate program with no luck..
If they approve me I will put a direct link to the product..
Reduce your exposure to illness and tooth decay by sterilizing one of the most common breeding grounds for viruses and bacteria – your toothbrush. This compact case sterilizes your toothbrush with a built-in UV and ozone lamp.
Lamp activates UV rays and ozone to sterilize viruses and bacteria in 7 minutes
Air vents in the lid help keep the toothbrush clean and dry
Fits a wide variety of basic and electric toothbrush heads
The compact size makes it perfect for travel. Toothbrush not included.

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